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May 21 | Server Downtime
May 13 | Race to Max Level Rewards
May 8 | Race to Level 400 Event
Apr 26 | TheMuOnline High Map Spots
Apr 25 | TheMuOnline Starter Map Spots Guides
Apr 25 | New Updates
Apr 20 | Crywolf Map Enabled

The Blood Castle Weekend is here!!

During May 24, 25 and 26 the event will take place every 1 hour.
Play the event and receive a score for completing the event. Check the leaderboard here:

The Top 3 players by May 27 at 0:00 AM will receive these awesome prizes! 

Greetings Mutizens!

Come one, come all -- to the great race of MU. Ready for something a little different? Join us at the Lorencia race track,on Server 1! There will be prizes and rewards up for grabs.


Server Time 11:00 UTC

  • Characters must be at least level 150 of complete the race! (to equip Uniria)
  • Must understand English enough to follow GM character’s instructions
  • Instructions are in English, however if you read and translate this entire event post, you should be able to understand the event enough to participate.

[Read More]

Registered Racers:

  • KntUnKnown
  • NoOne
  • Ins0mia
  • FreinhaPvP
  • Ypka
  • ManOfSteel
  • AMAweedman
  • Shield
  • DLCeeJhay
  • Chula
  • SAMPDwiz

Greetings MUtizens,


Top Players

  1. AMAweedman 
  2. Gwen
  3. JannaSup
  4. ARES
  5. JayDee

- TheMuOnline Team


Greetings Mutizens!

Server is now Online and here are some changes we've made

  • [FIXED] "Hero" status disappearing before the expected.
  • [FIXED] "Max AG Boost Aura" effect not working correctly.
  • [FIXED] "Max SD Boost Aura" effect not working correctly.
  • Increased server capacity
  • [FIXED] Drop of Gemstone (Kanturu Relics)

-TheMuOnline Team


There will be scheduled maintenance performed on the server on 2019/05/09 (UTC).
Please refer to the following maintenance details.

[Maintenance Schedule] 00:00 AM ~ 02:00 AM (UTC, server time)

**Please note
- The details of schedule is subject to change.

Thank you
TheMuOnline Support Team